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Title of the project: Summoning our common past – the meeting of the kings of the Visegrád countries in Kéty

Involved partners: Municipality of Kéty (Applicant) – Hungary, Municipality of Keť (project partner) – Slovakia, Municipality of Kety (project partner) – Poland, Municipality of Březová (project partner) – Czech Republic

Aims: Our goal is to bring the inhabitants, especially the young people, closer to history, to acquaint them with the medieval and contemporary cultural heritage by implementing a large-scale medieval royal meeting, modeled on the Visegrád royal meeting of 1335. Furthermore, to continue the cooperation begun by our kings by concluding a twinning agreement between our partners.

Target group: Municipal leaders, Young folk dance groups, associations transferring traditions, craftsmen, Choreographers, art directors, professional public, general public

Short description: The idea of the project is the evoke of medieval historical events in Central Europe, the Visegrad meeting of kings in 1335, when the foundations of Visegrad cooperation were laid. With the involvement of our V4 partners, civilians, craftsmen and dancers, we will present historical events, rich cultural heritage and explore future common opportunities. We will conclude a cooperation agreement with our Partners. All this will take place in July 2022 at a three-day international meeting in Kéty (Hungary), for which all partners will prepare at home with historical research and contemporary music, dance, costume, gastronomic, royal and knightly demonstrations. The program is enriched by a workshop, an international cultural program, a presentation of old crafts, a presentation of medieval traders, a medieval market atmosphere and a historical performance.

Implementation Period: From: 01/02/2022 Until: 01/02/2023

Deliverables: Three-day international meeting with opening evening, workshop, medieval historical performance and costume display, 4 Visegrád royal meeting, summary day, dataprojector and screen

Total costs: 10 000,00 Eur

The project is implemented with the support of the Visegrad Fund – Visegrad Fund

Project Partners: 

 Obec Keť | Oficiálne stránky obce |

Obec Keť | Oficiálne stránky obce |
Gminy Kęty |
Obec Březová |


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