The Project
Sunflower Folk Dance Group
Małe Kęty

Title of the project: Four Visegrad nations on one stage

Involved partners: Municipality of Kéty (Applicant) – Hungary, Municipality of Keť (project partner) – Slovakia, Municipality of Kety (project partner) – Poland, Municipality of Březová (project partner) – Czech Republic

Aims: We want to motivate young people to get to know the other culture, to pass it on to each other, to preserve a common Central European cultural identity. Therefore, our goal is to create an international meeting, where we can help young folkdance groups and their artistic leaders from the Visegrad countries to connect, get to know each other, exchange ideas in a professional forum, create joint international folkdance productions, and reach new target audiences. In this way, we contribute to the preservation of cultural values and the preservation of a common identity between the Visegrad countries. Our regional cultural heritage is passed on to new generations in a modern way.

Target group: amateur children’s and youth dance groups, traditional groups, choreographers, youth group leaders, the inhabitants of the settlements involved in the project and the preservers of the traditions associated with them, professional public

Short description: Within the framework of the project, with the help of modern tools and the Internet (a website and webcams) we bring together and introduce each other the folk dancers active in the four Visegrad partner settlements, young traditionalists, the dances and culture of each region, which they learn from each other. In July, a three-day international meeting will take place in Kéty, where dancers and choreographers will get to know each other personally, introduce themselves to professional and lay audiences, and present the dances and cultural heritage of their regions within the framework of a joint international folkdance production. The program is accompanied by a professional conference, folk costume presentation, dance house, workshop.

Implementation Period: From: 20/01/2021 Until: 31/10/2021

Deliverables: Three-day international meeting with opening evening, workshop, conference, professional discussions, common performances (4 Visegrad nations on one stage), summary day, common project website, webcams.

Total costs: 7 000,00 Eur

The project is implemented with the support of the Visegrad Fund – Visegrad Fund

Project Partners: 

 Obec Keť | Oficiálne stránky obce |

Obec Keť | Oficiálne stránky obce |
Gminy Kęty |


The Sunflower Folk Dance Group

The Sunflower Folk Dance Group operates next to the Kétyi Church Primary School and Kindergarten as a professional activity. It was established more than ten years ago. We hold rehearsals once a week. The group consists of two age groups, one consisting of lower grade students (20) and the other consisting of upper grade students (12). Regular participants in local events, e.g. On the Day of the Elderly, on the Day of the Disabled, on the Village Day organized by the Kétyi Municipality and the Csemadok, “Open my Rose, open your creaking gate!” At the Picnic and Harvest Parade, Santa Claus Ceremony … Every year they take part in the Children’s Folk Dance Festival in Nagysalló, the National Folk Art Festival in Zselíz, the Who is the Wagon in the Countryside? c. talent search event in Zselíz. In addition to folk dancing, we also get to know our folk and folk traditions. The leader of the group is Bc. Szilvia Csóka.

The Song and Dance Ensemble “Małe Kęty”

The Song and Dance Ensemble “Małe Kęty” has been operating in the local community for over 8 years.
It is the youngest dancing and singing folklore group in the commune. It cultivates rich folk traditions rooted in our city for years. Its repertoire includes the Krakow suite with the Lajkonik, dances and songs of the Żywiec highlanders, the Lublin suite and an extensive caroling program.

The band consists of a group of 20 children and adolescents aged 6 to 15 with a folk band.
The head of the group is Ms. Małgorzata Waluś – a folklorist, musician and choreographer.
The manager of the band is Mr. Jakub Waluś – an instructor, musician, teacher.


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